Thursday, 2 July 2015

Kerala honeymoon

Kerala is known as gods own country for all right reasons. The mesmerising natural beauty of Kerala makes it a perfect destination for honeymoon trip. Kerala honeymoon travel for newly-weds will definitely be rewarding and exciting. There is a lot to explore and discover in Kerala honeymoon tour.

Surrounded by coconut trees, backwaters, beaches, rich flora and fauna, Kerala honeymoon will help you learn about the hidden gems Kerala possesses. You will discover the reasons behind why Kerala is called gods own country

Places to visit in Kerala honeymoon

Kerala has myriad places of attraction that will make your honeymoon tour interesting and memorable. Each of these places comprise of so many attractions and sightseeing locales that your Kerala honeymoon plan will be absolutely rewarding and loaded with lasting memories.
Munnar is a popular honeymoon destination in Kerala and it has attracted travellers from different parts of the globe since time immemorial. From picturesque views of the valley, vast spread of tea plantations to adventure activities, Indo Swiss live-stock project and more- all make this naturally romantic destination a place worth visiting in Kerala honeymoon.

Wayanad has emerged as a green destination ideal for those seeking an eco-tour destination. Wayanad has proven to be a land of hidden beauty that’s being discovered and recognised gradually all over the world as one of the best destinations to be visited in Kerala honeymoon. Surrounded by undisturbed and natural beauty, Wayanad has a large spread of natural beauty that will instantly rejuvenate your mind body and soul. From resorts built without disturbing the natural ambience to treehouse stay options- everything to do and enjoy in Wayanad is a unique experience.

Kumarakom is a sleepy town and it earned a lot of fame for housing the Ayemenem village that hit spotlight in Arundhati Roy’s best seller “God of small things”. IT might be a serene and silent place but it is a perfect honeymoon destination in Kerala. The natural quietude this place offers is something newlyweds will need after the hustle and bustle of marriage preparations. The Kumarakom sanctuary is known for housing the migratory birds that make for an interesting watch for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Alleppey and KUmarakom are two dominant places that offer you a beautiful and serene backwater cruise experience. Both the places carry a fa├žade that’s clean, undisturbed and true to nature. The lagoons, coconut grooves and swaying palms of the towering trees make the backwaters look mind blowing. Alleppey and Kumarakom have been two prime regions attracting tourists from different parts of the globe to experience honeymoon in Kerala.

Thekkakdy is an ideal place for honeymooners to experience both adventure and wildlife. Well known for the famous Periyar wildlife sanctuary, Thekkady offers you the sight of wild gems like the elephants, Tigers, Sambars, Gaurs Leopards and more.

Things to do in Kerala honeymoon

The things you can do in Kerala honeymoon trip are plenty. You can head out for shopping, plan some adventure trek, enjoy backwater cruises, try canoeing or rowing so n and so forth.