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Must visit tourist places in Pondicherry

Matrimandir &  Aurobindo Ashram

Pondicherry has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing, history, attractions and pristine beaches. Pondicherry is a land of spiritual awakening. The mother and son duo- Sri Aurobindo and his mother made way to Pondicherry to make a cult and leave an everlasting impression by offering teaching and spiritual explanations out of the world that led only to unity amidst diversity. 

Dedicated to ShriAurobind- the ashram named after him has been a prime tourist attraction that places Pondicherry on the global map. After his death the responsibility of carrying out the ashrams principles lay on the shoulders of his mother who brought to Pondicherry and experimental city that invited nationals from different parts of the world to stay and begin a life that would showcase to the rest of the world that peace can be obtained amidst various kinds of diversities. Both Aurobindo Ashram and Matrimandir are remarkable in their own realms and draw tourists day after day to witness its unique presence and learn its teachings. The ashram over the years has attracted several tourists domestic and international, who also visit to seek meditation, learn yoga and feel rejuvenated.

Pondicherry is home to several well maintained public parks and gardens. The famous few that top the chart as tourist attractions are Bharti Park, AayiMandapam, and Pondicherry botanical garden. Aayi Mandapam was previously known as Place Du Pantheon. Even after its name change, the monument and the surrounding park are maintained in a manner that it showcases the beauty of French like and French style architecture.
Aayi Mandapam is also a prominent landmark and
serves as the emblem of the government of Pondicherry.
Pondicherry botanical garden was called The Colonial Park in 1826. Today it houses nearly 1500 species of plants that are rare. Most of these plant species are from Madras, Calcutta, Ceylon, and Reunion all of them newly named as Chennai, Kolkata, Srilanka and Russia. The botanical garden is a must visit attraction not to be missed while touring Pondicherry. This garden has attracted several nature enthusiasts and environmentalists from time unknown.  The colorful flower bed, beautiful stone paths, gravels and trees that are rare and never seen before make the Botanical garden a crowd puller. The musical fountain adds to the gardens beauty. Artificial hills, granite benches increase the appeal factor of the garden.

Effervescent Beaches and lakesOf Pondicherry

The sparkling and glittering clean beaches of Pondicherry are a true delight for any traveler or tourist. Seaside Promenade is one of the famous beaches in Pondicherry that witnesses a large crowd gathering; mostly mix of tourists and locals. You can find several residents taking their morning and evening walks on the beautifully laid pavements, tourists just lazing off on the resting benches and the beautifully erected Gandhi statue that’s made the Promenade Sea side a prime are for major celebrations.
Clearly its growing popularity has paved way to several eateries, restaurants, hawkers, shopping stops so on and so forth. The chattering of people, the buzzing vehicles -all go silent against the wild roaring of the hard hitting sea tides and that’s what makes Promenade sea side a hot spot beach of Pondicherry.

For some private moment and tranquil experience, Auro beach, Serenity and Paradise beach are ideal destinations for you to retreat to.

Chunnambar backwater along the Cuddalore main road is a promising destination within Pondicherry worth visiting. A silently flowing creek, it certainly is paradise you’d love to be at. The backwater offers you a perfect sea setting to sail and clean sandy shore to dig a tent or simply laze off to get yourself a sun bath. Known as Plage Paradiso, the Chunnambar beach is located at the mouth of the backwater. The sandy beach is clean and the water crystal clear – an instant attention grabber.  You can be further entertained by taking a cruise into the sea and watch the innocent Dolphins.  Chunnambar backwaters offer excitement and fun for leisure travelers and adventure enthusiasts. Tree top houses offer a majestic view of the backwaters, restaurant with bar are available a throw away distance from the backwaters and tree houses with a rope ladder leading to a balcony adds to the excitement and adventure to your stay.

Ousteri is a large lake shared by Pondicherry and Tamilnadu. This beautiful natural lake has an island in the center and offers boating facilities that tourists can indulge in. The lake is a haven for bird watchers and paradise for leisure tourists. You can catch a glimpse of the Asian Pelican, grey heron, Pond Heron, Glossy Ibis and more species of birds. The Lotus flowers add to the beauty of the lake. The vastness of the lake, the sight of the migratory birds, the hidden murkiness of the water under the lotus flowers and water plants and the slapping of the breeze during the boat ride make the modest visit to OusteriLake a memorable one.

Heritage Walk in Pondicherry

Pondicherry reflects and displays everything true to French and French lifestyle. BE it the architecture, cuisine or the surroundings – the several nooks and corners of Pondicherry remain true to the original façade of the French setting. The several monuments and structures placed in different popular sections of Pondicherry town make for an excellent heritage walk in Pondicherry. The French statues, churches, buildings augment the beauty of the Pondicherry’s heritage.

French war memorial located at the famous Goubert avenue at promenade attracts several visitors and tourists on the Bastille Day celebration Fete held on 14thJuly. You can find the monument dolled up and the pompous celebration is a respectful reminiscence of the several soldiers who laid their life during the war. The French war memorial adds to the French cultural legacy making Pondicherry a coveted tourist destination.

The statue of Dupleix is another standing example of French influence in Puducherry.  The statue of Dupleix stands tall in both France and Pondicherry. It stands as recognition of Dupleix’s untiring services. The statue is another reminiscence of French history that come alive when you take a walk through the Goubert avenue reconnecting with the French cultural and historical legacy.

Statue of Joan of arc stands gloriously in the center of well laid garden in front of the Notre Dame Des Anges.  The courage and valor of Joan of Arc, a great believer of Christ was a ground breaking revolutionary who won several battles and led men into winning those battles due to the repeated visions she received and believed were from Christ. From a warrior, martyr to finally a saint- Joan of Arc is a synonymous French historical personality that in the form of a statue adds to Pondicherry’s heritage.

The Sacred sites of Pondicherry

Like several other popular tourist destinations, Pondicherry too is an all-rounder destination that has something to offer to meet the likings of many. Besides popular attraction site and entertainments, Pondicherry is also known for its sacred sites- temples, churches and mosques. Pondicherry might not be a pilgrim’s destination but its sacred sites naturally manage to invite any tourists on a vacation or getaway to at least pay their respects and offer prayers.

Some of the prominent Hindu temples of Pondicherry are- Thirunallur temple, Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswara temple, Karaikal Ammaiyur temple, Varadaraja temple, Vedapureswarar temple, Mannakulu Vinayaka temple and more. The Thirunallur temple is a prominentHindu temple in Pondicherry and it’s dedicated to lord Saneeswaran. Varadaraja and Vedapureeswarar temple are famous for their architecture galore and the Kamatchiamman temple sees devotees from across different parts of the country visiting Pondicherry to seek blessing of Goddess Durga.

The Durgah of MustanSaheb, Mullah Mohammed Mosque, Meeran Mosque, and Khutba Mosque are the known mosques in Pondicherry. The Khutba mosque has been made in the same appearance as the Mecca hence it is an important prayer center for Muslim pilgrims Visiting Pondicherry from different parts of the country.

The three hundred year old French colony, Pondicherryhas massive French influence in its architecture, monuments and buildings. The same is seen in the churches too that exist within Pondicherry. The Church of Our Lady of good health, Eglise De Notre Dame De La and Des Agnes at Rue Dumas, The Jesus Church, Church Of The Capuchins, Church Of The Assumption, and The Church of Our Lady Of Lourdes are the prominent and monumental churches of Pondicherry.

Pondicherry has more to offer to its tourists besides being a union territory. Ariyankuppam Archaeological site is not just a place of worship for scholars but even a leisure traveler. The nineteenth century lighthouse is the most visited tourist destination in Pondicherry. Standing tall and majestically on the red hills in Gorimedu the lighthouse has a mystic charm that lures its onlookers.
The Four hundred year old Banyan tree in Keezhoor village is another interesting destination tourist can head to while touring Pondicherry.

While you plan to tour Pondicherry be rest assured the experience of visiting the places will certainly be unique and different from several other promising tour destinations.


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