Saturday, 31 May 2014

Onam Sadya - A Culinary Tour to Kerala

The festival of Onam is known across the globe but not just for the sophisticated and elegantly performed dances of the pretty girls or the grandiloquent color schemes of the various art forms but mainly because of the Onam Sadya. After and invigorating day of dance and performance the delectable Onam Sadya is a treat worth devouring or pleasantly savoring bit by bit. Kerala has earned a lot of limelight because of the choice of locales that have paved way for perfect backdrops for highly demanding movie directors.  The food and showcasing of these delicacies have not been left behind either. Onam Sadya has earned so much fame that across different corner in India many wonder what’s so special about the spread. Onam sadya is not about one dish but many dishes.

Each and every dish in Onam sadya has earned so much popularity that several high end restaurants and boutique hotels have not deterred from bringing to its connoisseurs the luxury of tasting Onam sadya on a non- festive time too. Needless to mention it most often turns out to be a massive success. During the festival of Onam, touring Kerala will only add to the unforgettable memories you would take back home. Celebrating Onam and enjoying the snake boat race at Alleppey and retreating to the scrumptious Onam Sadya completes Kerala tour during Onam festival.

Served on a fresh cut banana leaf the whole process of enjoying Onam sadya is like revisiting a traditional past. It is important to understand that Onam Sadya is about placing the leaf in a particular manner and serving the dish in a particular order. Rice being the main dish it is accompanied by a curry, Fried Upperies, Payasama, Prathamams and fruits. Some of the dishes that make are served during the ten day Onam festival of dance and entertainment are: Main course – Dal, Sambhar, Pulissery, Coconut Pullissery, Mango Pulissery, Side Dishes- Avial, and Thoran with different vegetables, kootukari, cabbage kootu, and pachadi, Khichadi, Desserts- Variety of payasams or fruits.

Kerala is anall-rounder place to tour. You can plan a tour to Kerala for a quick getaway or simply visit the place to enjoy its dishes. You will only take back memories and savoring experiences from Gods own country.