Thursday, 29 January 2015

Periyar River, Ayyappancoil tour packages

A well-known wildlife sanctuary in Southern India, Periyar is a well-known tourist spot located in Idukki district of Keralawith a vast spread of 780 square meters. Periyar offers a natural and serene terrain that appeal to the nature lovers and adventure seekers. The enchanting flora and fauna of Periyar region leave a lifetime experience of excitement and exhilaration.

Peiyar attracts several tourists mainly on weekend getaways. Periyar serves as a major stop from where you can head off to beautiful hill stations of Munnar, Devikulam and Peermede. For adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts Periyar wildlife sanctuary is the place to be at. The tiger reserve at Periyar is one to visit mainly.

The priyar wildlife sanctuary is one hotspot destination for an enthralling holiday experience especially because it is open and ever inviting even during the monsoon seasons which are not the case with most other sanctuaries. September to April is the best months to plan a trip to Periyar.
Periyar witnesses mild summers and it is also the best time to visit Periyar wildlife sanctuary and Tiger reserve. During the mild summer months Periyar sanctuary and tiger reserve becomes a haven of rare species of animals and birds. These hidden residents come out during the summers making for a splendid watch by the adventure enthusiasts.

Periyar is home to a large number of wild elephants and tigers. But besides these wild beasts, Periyar also offers a charming and soothing to the eye kind of serene environment that rich in bio-diversity
Periyar is also a land of various spices. For tourists a tour of the spice plantations is another adventure pack that’s a must try. The vast varieties of exotic spices add to the reasons why Periyar is a sought out place. On the slopes of the Western Ghats you will find a vast variety of spices being grown i.e. - pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and anise.

The local economy mainly thrives on the spice trade at Periyar. While at Periyar be assured to be captivated and lured to its intriguing beauty by the fragrance of the surroundings and the aroma of the spices.  The aroma can be so tempting that you mighteven end up buying these spices even if you do not know how and where to use it.

The spices grow in abundance here and they make for very interesting take away gifts in Periyartour package. Periyars increasing popularity has resulted in several niche theme based resort setting up base and offering comfortable stay and other conveniences for their deserving visitors. Periyar is without an element of doubt an adventurous getaway destination that will offer serene, tranquil and mind blowing locale with a lifetime of memory that can only be experienced and not described in words.

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