Friday, 5 August 2016

Kerala backwaters for Independence day weekend trip

Plan a trip in the Criss-Crossing Maze of Kerala backwaters for Independence Day Weekend

Take a trip to Kerala backwaters and you will know how beautiful our planet earth is and how lucky we are in a position to enjoy it. It has so many attractions that are unique to the area. Kerala backwaters Independence Day Weekend is the best to enjoy nature at its best.

Kerala backwaters tour is one of the most popular tourist attractions of India. International tourists as well as Indian citizens flock the backwater regions of Kerala to be with the pristine nature at least for a short while. Even for a local living in Kerala cannot ignore these backwater regions and think of it as just an ordinary thing. The backwater trip taken anywhere in Kerala will be a mesmerizing one with soul touching beautiful views, rippling water, soothing sounds of nature, the velvety lush greenery all around and so on and on. It is the apt decision to go for Kerala Backwaters Independence day weekend tour.

Kerala is a strip of small land piece lying in between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats mountain ranges. Almost parallel to the west coast Arabia Sea, numerous lakes and brackish lagoons adorn the state crisscrossing with a vast maze like network covering almost 900 kms. This water network is well connected with canals, inlets and lakes spread all over the state.

Not all of them are natural but most of them are so except some man-made canals. The transportation used is ‘Kettuvellam’, the traditional boats and the modern houseboats. These backwaters trips can be taken from Thiruvallam in the southern end to Kasargod, northern end. 

You have eight popular backwater regions in Kerala to enjoy your Kerala Backwaters Independence Day Weekend tour. You can plan any one suitable trip that suits you.

Let us list them from the southernmost end of Kerala. Six kms from the capital of Kerala Thiruvananthapuram you have Thiruvallam backwaters.

Then you have Kollam backwaters where you can enjoy the various inlets of Ashtamudi lake and Sasthamcotta Kayal.

You have the most famous Allapuzha backwaters. This region has very zigzag waterways and is also known as the ‘Venice of East’
Kuttanad backwaters is also the part of Allapuzha region is famous for its rice cultivation. It is the rice bowl of Kerala.

Kumarokom backwaters is very much heavenly with their numerous island groups situated in Vembanad kayal. This is in Kottayam district

Then the Vembanad Lake in Cochin provides Kochi backwaters where you have lots of assorted lagoons.

All the above said backwaters are very famous and tourists naturally visit these all the year. In case you want to visit unexplored parts of KeralaBackwaters during Independence Day Weekend, then you can go for Kozhikode backwaters. Some are Elathur canal and Kallayi river.

Finally in the northern end of Kerala, you have Kasargod backwaters where you can visit Valiyaparampara and Chandragiri backwaters.